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wee sing note purpleParent Tip: Passing the time while riding in the car Song: Keep a collection of your child's favorite sing-along CDs or tapes in the car. Or, without a CD, sing some old favorites from your own childhood.
• Singing together creates a special bond.
• Singing from your past helps keep tradition alive.
• Singing together with or without a CD or tape makes the miles go by more quickly.
• Children are just having fun, but many skills are being developed such as language, listening, rhythm, memory, concentration, coordination....
wee sing note greenTeacher Tip: Passing the time while riding in a car or bus for a field trip Song: Choose any songs that you feel confident in singing and that the children enjoy.
• Plan what songs to sing ahead of time so you feel confident and prepared.
• Start singing when the trip gets long or the children get restless.
• The miles will pass by quickly and the experience will be joyful.
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