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wee sing note purpleParent Tip: Ball handling and rhythm skills Song: "Roll That Red Ball" (Wee Sing and Play)
• Sit on the floor, across from your child, with a medium to large size ball.
• As you sing the song, roll the ball to each other on the first word of each measure ("Roll"). This emphasizes the strong beat and will help the child feel the rhythm.
• This easy game can be played using a familiar nursery rhyme or any simple song.
• The point is to get children used to handling a ball in a controlled manner and following a particular rhythm.
wee sing note greenTeacher Tip: Ball handling, listening, and rhythm skills Song: tambourine (or any instrument that can make two distinctly different sounds).
• Children sit in a circle with one child holding a ball.
• The teacher taps a steady beat on the tambourine and children pass the ball around the circle to the beat.
• Once the children are following the beat as they pass the ball, the teacher can speed the beat up or slow it down. Children pass the ball accordingly.
• When following the beat of the tambourine has been mastered, the teacher can then shake the tambourine to signify passing the ball in the opposite direction.
• Children continue passing the ball to the beat and listening carefully for tempo changes as well as the sound of the shaking to switch directions.
• For an added challenge, try this game listening to the song "Pass the Ball" (Wee Sing Games, Games, Games).
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