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Wee Sing The Big Rock Candy Mountains

Wee Sing The Big Rock Candy Mountains

What would it be like to slide into a world of ice cream mountains and lemonade streams? Come and see in The Big Rock Candy Mountains! Follow Lisa and her friends, the Snoodle Doodles, on a scrumptious musical adventure to a magical land right out of a child’s dream. Meet huggable locals like Profster, Felicity, and Little Bunny Foo Foo as they sing, dance, picnic, and play along to over 20 fun-filled songs. But it’s not all candy crunching and lollipop licking. You’ll learn important lessons about friendship, kindness, and recycling---and see just how delicious healthy food can be. The whole family will enjoy this enchanting hour of sing-along, dance-along, romp-along fun.

ages 1-8
DVD and Digital
Run Time:
61 minutes
DVD - $14.95
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Songs on this DVD

  • 1. Hide and Seek Chant
  • 13. Sarasponda
  • 2. The Big Rock Candy Mountains
  • 14. Baby Birds
  • 3. Howdy-Ho-Hiya
  • 15. Row, Row, Row Your Boat
  • 4. Little Bunny Foo Foo I
  • 16. Nobody Likes Me
  • 5. Ring Around the Rosy
  • 17. Little Bunny Foo Foo II
  • 6. Follow Me
  • 18. Nobody Knows the Trouble I've Seen
  • 7. Grizzly Bear
  • 19. Smile
  • 8. Grasshoppers Three
  • 20. For He's a Jolly Good Fellow
  • 9. Fiddle-De-Dee
  • 21. Right Hand, Left Hand
  • 10. Fritzy Hammers
  • 22. Jimmy Crack Corn
  • 11. Upward Trail
  • 23. The Big Rock Candy Mountains Reprise
  • 12. The Washing Song
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