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Wee Sing Grandpa's Magical Toys

Wee Sing Grandpa's Magical Toys

It's a very special day when Peter and his friends go to Grandpa's to see his toys. And before they know it, they find themselves magically shrinking to toy size! That's just the beginning in this delightful musical adventure. Meet Punchinello the Clown, a singing British sailor, a jump-roping Little Dutch Girl, young Scottish dancers, and more, as they sing, dance, and serve up plenty of laughs. And when they help Grandpa solve a problem, everyone learns the importance of being young at heart. This colorful live-action, upbeat musical is sure to charm kids of all ages with over 20 familiar children's songs, jump rope rhymes, and clapping games.

ages 1-8
DVD and Digital
Run Time:
57 minutes
DVD - $14.95
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Songs on this DVD

  • 1. Good Morning
  • 12. The Farmer in The Dell
  • 2. Punchinello
  • 13. Did You Ever See a Lassie?
  • 3. A Sailor Went to Sea
  • 14. The Hokey Pokey
  • 4. Long Legged Sailor
  • 15. Who Stole the Cookies From the Cookie Jar?
  • 5. The Muffin Man
  • 16. Roll That Red Ball
  • 6. One Potato
  • 17. One, Two, Buckle My Shoe
  • 7. Pretty Little Dutch Girl
  • 18. One, Two, Three O'Leary
  • 8. Dutch Girl
  • 19. One, Two, Three A-Twirlsy
  • 9. I Love Coffee
  • 20. The Merry-Go-Round
  • 10. Mabel, Mabel
  • 21. Hambone
  • 11. Miss, Miss
  • 22. Playmate
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