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Wee Sing & Learn Dinosaurs

Wee Sing & Learn Dinosaurs

Fact-filled songs and colorful illustrations teach about dinosaurs and how they lived.

Did you know that ornithomimus was one of the fastest dinosaurs? Or that compsognathus was as small as a chicken? Or that dinosaurs hatched from eggs? This colorful book is packed with facts about dinosaurs in general as well as information about specific dinosaurs. The illustrations are charming, simple, and colorful to captures kids’ attention. The accompanying CD has great songs about dinosaurs sung by an energetic children’s choir. Kids will love hearing dinosaur sound effects.

ages 1-4
Audio eBook
Digital Only, 10 ¼" x 11 ½", 34 pages

Songs in this album

- Click on these tracks to view an excerpt from the book!
  • 1. Dinosaurs
  • 9. Stegosaurus
  • 10. Compsognathus
  • 3. Ankylosaurus
  • 11. Seismosaurus
  • 4. Tyrannosaurus
  • 12. Parasaurolophus
  • 5. Ornithomimus
  • 13. Dinosaur Footprints
  • 6. Triceratops
  • 14. Fossils
  • 7. Pachycephalosaurus
  • 15. What Happened?
  • 8. Deinonychus
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