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Wee Sing & Learn 1,2,3

Wee Sing & Learn 1,2,3

Colorful characters under the sea make learning to count a lively musical experience.

Four squids squirting, seven lobsters dancing, eleven sea horses singing! In this charming, full-color picture book, children will love counting creatures from under the sea. From one giant whale to twelve colorful angelfish, each number has a related picture and song which helps a child learn to count. On the accompanying CD a child narrator enchants listeners as he speaks the number, counts, then joins the children’s choir as they sing a song about the number. Additional counting pictures add to the fun.

ages 1-4
Audio eBook
Digital Only, 10 ¼" x 11 ½", 34 pages

Songs in this album

- Click on these tracks to view an excerpt from the book!
  • 1. Under the Sea
  • 2. One Big Whale
  • 9. Eight Little Sea Snails
  • 3. Two Gray Dolphins
  • 10. Nine Little Pufferfish
  • 4. Three Little Otters
  • 11. Ten Clams in a Bed
  • 5. Squirt Along With Four Squids
  • 12. Eleven Sea Horses
  • 6. Five Sea Stars
  • 13. Twelve Angelfish
  • 7. Six Sea Turtles
  • 14. Under the Sea
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